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“Explorations in time...                                       

                   are explorations in human depth...” ¹

Einstein Center Chronoi hosts several blue-sky research projects called “Explorations”. Explorations complement and expand the research agenda of Einstein Center Chronoi by integrating unique and groundbreaking topics. Explorations can be long-term projects that explore time-related aspects in further depth or short-term, clearly defined pilot projects that evaluate an innovative topic or approach for future funding. Click on a title listed below to learn more about the explorations supported by the Einstein Center Chronoi:

1 Lewis Mumford, “University City,” in City Invincible. A Symposium on Urbanization and Cultural Development in the Ancient Near East Held at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, December 4–7, 1958, ed. Carl H. Kraeling and Robert M. Adams (Chicago 1960), 5–19.

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