Einstein Center Chronoi yearly appoints fellows that represent a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds and qualifications. Fellows from different disciplines and academic cultures are invited to Berlin for a period up to 12 months. They will work on a time-related project and will participate in a dynamic dialogue on time that combines disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. 

Prof. Dr. Shahzad Bashir
Dr. Olivier Defaux
Dr. Masato Hasegawa
Dr. Sofie Remijsen
Prof. (Emeritus) Jan Szemiński
Prof. Dr. Menahem Ben Sasson
Prof. Dr. Yadin Dudai
Dr. Alexander Kuznetsov
Dr. Robert Schumann
PD Dr. Anke Walter
Prof. Dr. Jens Brockmeier
Dr. Phil. Emmanouela Grypeou
Prof. Glenn W. Most
Dr. Peter N. Singer
Dr. Andreas Winkler

The Einstein Center Chronoi fellow research group ‘Kairos, Krisis, Rhythmos. Time and Time Awareness in Ancient Medicine’ (2019-2020), coordinated by Prof. Dr. Philip van der Eijk (HU Berlin), consists of five fellows who examine the role of time, time awareness and time management in Graeco-Roman and Islamicate medicine, with a specific focus on two themes: (i) ideas and practices related to the pulse, its measurement, its diagnostic significance and therapeutic management, and its relationship to other rhythmical movements in the body, such as respiration, tremor and various kinds of heart-beat; (ii) the concepts of crisis, critical days and periodic fevers and their role in ancient ideas about health, disease and medical prognosis. Click here for more information on this research project.

Research Group ‘Kairos, Krisis, Rhythmos.

Time and Time Awareness in Ancient Medicine’

Dr. Glen M. Cooper
MPhil. Dr. Christine F. Salazar
Dr. Sean Coughlin
Dr. Peter N. Singer
Dr. Orly Lewis


Dr. Dr. Jutta Vinzent
Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent

Former Fellows

Dr. Miguel Ángel Andrés-Toledo
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Detel
Dr. Fabio Guidetti
Dr. Jihwan Myung
Dr. Eva Rosenstock
Dr. Frans Wiggermann
Dr. Ilaria Bultrighini
Dr. Dorothee Elm von der Osten
PD Dr. Mateusz Kapustka
Dr. Dr. Mathieu Ossendrijver
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Paul Schwindt
Laura Willer
Simon Danner
Prof. Dr. Katharina Galor
Dr. Sarit Kattan Gribetz
Prof. Dr. Antonio C. D. Panaino
Prof. Dr. John Steele
Prof. Dr. Johannes Zachhuber