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Chronoi Talks: "Figuring Time and History: Some Thoughts from Clear and Ambiguous Dates in Latin Inscriptions (Late Antiquity and Middle Ages)"

June 30, 2022

3 - 4 pm (CET)

Dr. Morgane Uberti 

During Late Antiquity, particularly in the Latin World, historical dates became a recurring feature in inscriptions of various nature (i.e., official, private). At this time, different dating systems coexisted and were used parallel to each other within a same area and even within a single inscription. This phenomenon raises questions about shared and intertwined temporalities, asynchronicity, and most of all, potential new relationships to historical time during this period, for which we also find traces in the Late Antique historiographic works in the Christian milieu. In this context, which François Hartog called the “Christian regime of historicity”, dating in inscriptions can be considered a practical and factual experience of time. Dating practices in Late Antique inscriptions provide insight into a social and anthropological history of time beside an intellectual history of time and should therefore be studied more closely. A challenging aspect of such a study is that dating practices are not as clear and obvious as they may seem: some Latin inscriptions show signs of ambiguous dating. This talk will unveil how much can be derived about political/historical events and perceptions of time?from what seems a simple or self-explanatory date used in an inscription. This polysemy of dating paves the way for rethinking the chronological virtue of the date as modern historians consider it. 

Participants can join the online Chronoi Talk by clicking on the following link:

The conference room can be accessed using the following methods:

  • Joining directly in your browser; simply click the link above, and look for a button with this option near the bottom of the webpage.

  • Downloading the program to your computer (instructions can be found by following the meeting link)

  • Using the smartphone app called “Cisco Webex Meetings."

You are welcome to enter the online conference room up to 15 minutes in advance of the start time.

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