Lecture and Workshop "Rhythmic Motifs for Cognition/Understanding Now"

November 6, 2018 – November 7, 2018

Organizer: Dr. Ayelet Landau (Hebrew University Jerusalem)


November 6th 

18:15 | Christoph Markschies 

Lecture & Workshop Opening 

18:20 | Ayelet Landau 

Time, the Senses and Brain Dynamics 

Time underlies any cognitive function and neural computation. It is impossible to imagine playing music, or driving a car without a keen sense of the passage of time. In my work I examine test cases that inform the question: what is time perception made of? I will demonstrate that to a large extent sensory processing forms a unique source of temporal information. In addition to outlining my theory for time perception I will discuss illusions of time perception and describe how those enable a cognitive sciences investigation of this foundational capacity: time perception. 

November 7th 

9:00 | Ayelet Landau 

Rhythmic Motifs for Cognition 

How do brain rhythms inform the quest of unraveling the organizing principles of cognition? Neural signatures can entail rhythmic temporal structure. Such patterns have been known and measured, for almost a century. What is the functional relevance of brain rhythms? What type of mechanisms can brain rhythms support? This talks will provide an introduction to neural oscillations and discuss their functional relevance and potential to understanding cognition. 

10:00 | Lorenzo Pisoni 

Understanding Now: From the Library to the Lab 

What does the present moment consist of? This will discuss a journey that started in philosophical analyses of the present and ended in a cognitive sciences laboratory. This project exemplifies the possibility of inter-disciplinary investigations that focus on a fundamental concept of temporality. In addition, the talk will discuss key elements to the success of such inter-disciplinary journeys. 

11:00 | Coffee Break with Demo Presentation 

11:30 | Round Table Discussion 

12:30 | Concluding Remarks