Exhibition “The Babel/Bible Conflict: Politics, Theology and Science at the Turn of the 19th Century”

November 4, 2019 – March 27, 2020

The Einstein Center Chronoi is proud to support the exhibition at the Pergamonmuseum titled “The Babel/Bible Conflict” which will run from November 5th 2019 through march 28th 2020.

The Babel/Bible Conflict exemplifies the social and political upheavals in the period of the German Empire (1871-1918). It ignited a series of lectures by the Assyriologist Friedrich Delitzsch, in which he postulated the historical origins of biblical texts in Mesopotamia. In pointing to a Babylonian origin of the Bible, this approach has been massively criticized by not only theologians but others as well. Popular media took up the argument and stylized Delitzsch as a figurehead of a heroic struggle against conservative religious forces. In the end, the reformist forces were silenced.

The exhibition picks up on this dispute in its various facets, arranges it historically, introduces the protagonists and outlines the knowledge of Babylon at that time and the cultures of ancient Middle East on the basis of archaeological, written and historical sources.

The exhibition is located at the Pergamonmuseum, Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin. For more details, please visit this page of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin’s website.