Lecture "Gender and Temporality in Jewish Memory: A Visual and Material Cultural ... Cultural Analysis"

April 25, 2018


Prof. Dr. Katharina Galor (Brown University)

Venue: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Theologische Fakultät, Burgstraße 26, 10178 Berlin, Raum 108

From the end of the eighteenth century and the emergence of the Wissenschaft des Judentums, scholars of Talmudic literature and its relation to visual and material culture have tended to explore the period of late antiquity in relative chronological isolation.

Two aspects have been largely neglected: first, temporality (understood as the experience of time) and multi-temporality (the implicit or articulated perception of living in multiple temporal frames simultaneously) as an important legacy of late antique Judaism; second, the importance of the existential and methodological dimensions of visual and material culture in the construction of gender and sexuality.

The lecture will explore the question of Jewish women’s agency in four geographic, chronological, and methodological contexts. At the fore of this investigation will be the experience of time for the production of a legacy of ancestry, tradition, and continuity, positioning late antique Judaism as a constant point of reference both as it is anchored in the Biblical (pre-Talmudic) heritage as well as in the way it was perceived and reinterpreted from the middle ages through the present day.