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Chronoi Talks "Mediterranean Time and Timing in the Maimonidean Dynasty"

October 28, 2019

11am - 1pm

Prof. Dr. Menachem Ben Sasson (Chancellor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Department of the History of the Jewish People)

The time of the Maimonidean dynasty, 12th-15th centuries, were days of crisis for Jewish communities reflecting political instability, a series of economic disasters and minorities persecutions. This talk will deal with ‘Time and Timing’ in the dynasty’s legacy and deeds. ‘Time’ plays a central role in the attitude of members of the Maimonidean dynasty in two main parallel tracks - a systematic-theoretical reference to the concepts of time and practical reference to ‘Time’.


Einstein Center Chronoi

Otto-von-Simson-Straße 7

14195 Berlin

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