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Chronoi Talks: "In Synch in the City? Preliminary Thoughts on Time and Community in Fifth-Century Athens”

July 14, 2022

3 - 4 pm (CET)

Dr. Tabea Meurer

Many features and processes we associate with classical Athens, e.g., the development of democracy or the expansion of the Athenian empire, also affected its temporal structures. The increasing differentiation of the political sphere resulted in a complex array of potentially overlapping schedules on both polis and local levels. Navigating this pluritemporal landscape posed a challenge for a society that relied on the presence of its citizens for both collective decision-making and cultic activities. This talk will address the modes and means of temporal coordination that developed in response. Literary sources as well as epigraphic evidence give us insights into synchronizing patterns and practices. Especially the sacrificial calendars reveal how democratic principles, such as the accountability for collective expenses, both shaped and reinforced temporal frameworks. Against this backdrop, we may evaluate attempts to and discourses about harmonizing the polyphony of pluritemporality, which was characteristic for classical Athens.

The talk is designed as an in person-event. Since the number of participants is limited to 20 people, please make sure to register with Stefanie Rabe (


Einstein Center Chronoi

Otto-von-Simson-Str. 7

14195 Berlin.

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