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Chronoi Talks: “The Neolithic Time: Chronology and Temporal Perception in the Balkans” (Hybrid)

Dr. Goce Naumov

March 5, 2024

4:30 - 5:30 pm (CET)


Dr. Goce Naumov

Neolithic is considered as a crucial period for the introduction of agriculture, husbandry, sedentarism, pottery, anthropomorphic hybridism and novel tools in the Balkans. Consequently, a number of discussions were commenced on the time when these crucial changes were initiated in various parts of this region. The provision of radiocarbon dates strengthened the knowledge on the beginning and chronological outline of the Neolithic, but also provided more detailed observation of the settlements and their phases. Therefore, this presentation will encompass the chronological data from the valley of Pelagonia as a case study, in order to demonstrate the potentials for thorough understanding of the establishment of first farming societies in particular region. The chronological sequences of three Early Neolithic sites will be exposed, as well the Bayesian models related with specific phases and buildings. This approach also contributes in the detection of social changes as evidenced on the buildings and material culture, but also in the tracing of architectural dynamism in the settlements. Additionally, by the implementation of anthropological theories of time and phenomenology by Gell, Bourdieu and Geerz it could be further observed how the Neolithic people were perceiving the time and in which way it was reflected in the economy, rituals and visual culture.

Participants can join the online Chronoi Talk by clicking on the following link:

The conference room can be accessed using the following methods:

  • Joining directly in your browser; simply click the link above, and look for a button with this option near the bottom of the webpage.

  • Downloading the program to your computer (instructions can be found by following the meeting link)

  • Using the smartphone app called “Cisco Webex Meetings."

You are welcome to enter the online conference room up to 15 minutes in advance of the start time.

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