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Prof. Dr. Ayelet Landau

Associate Professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences and Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Principle Investigator of the Landau Lab


Dr. Ayelet N. Landau earned her PhD from UC Berkeley, 2010 in the Cognition Brain and Behavior program of the Psychology department. Her PhD characterized mechanisms and circuits of visual spatial attention. After her PhD she joined the Ernst Struengmann Institute for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society, in Frankfurt, Germany, as a postdoctoral fellow. At the end of 2014 she joined the faculty at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she founded the brain attention and time laboratory. Throughout her career she has investigated cognitive functions that are both anchored in perceptual and system-specific capabilities but also require domain-general integration within and between neural networks. Thus, her main foci in the past decade has been understanding how neural oscillations and rhythmic temporal structure in behavior facilitate perceptual and attentional functions. Dr. Landau is a pioneer in developing methods for the measurement of rhythmic temporal structure in ongoing perceptual processes. In addition to psychophysics, she also seeks to decipher the neural underpinnings of human cognition using non-invasive physiology (EEG/MEG). Since she has started her independent group she has tirelessly sought to generalize the biological models for attention and time perception both in vision and in different brain systems (action, and tactile and auditory modalities).

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