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About Chronoi

The Einstein Center Chronoi has been founded in order to investigate time and related aspects such as awareness of time, time management, time reckoning and temporality in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary formats under the rubric of “Chronoi”.

Upcoming Events



Chronoi Talks: “News on Empedocles' Physics: The Time-Table of the Cosmic Cycle” (Hybrid)

Prof. Dr. Oliver Primavesi

May 30, 2024



Junior Chronoi Talk: “Not Everybody’s Time Is Money: Observations on the Use of Time as a Commodity in the Invidiosus Baths in Ostia” (Hybrid)

Jonas Zweifel

June 6, 2024

Recent News


Einstein Center Chronoi is an interdisciplinary research center that facilitates collaborations between scholars from different disciplines in order to contribute to the understanding of time in the ancient world. As a result, our team draws on a diverse range of relevant experiences.


Einstein Center Chronoi yearly appoints fellows that represent a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds and qualifications. Fellows from different disciplines and academic cultures are invited to Berlin for a period up to 12 months. They will work on a time-related project and will participate in a dynamic dialogue on time that combines disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.


The “Explorations” format complements and expands the research agenda of Einstein Center Chronoi by integrating unique and groundbreaking topics. Explorations can be long-term projects that explore time-related aspects in further depth or short-term pilot projects that evaluate an innovative topic or approach for future funding.

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