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Dr. Annette Heinrich

Research Interests:

Ancient concepts of the human body; description of signs of disease and use of prognosis; influence of therapeutic systems on recovery in relation to time and phases of disease; constructions of medical concepts of knowledge and professional techniques in therapeutics

Photo: Erika Borbély Hansen


Annette Heinrich is a Research Associate in the Department of Classics at the Humboldt University of Berlin. She received her Ph.D. in Classics in 2021 with a dissertation entitled "Studien zu Hippokrates, De internis affectionibus". Prior to her doctoral studies, she received an MA in Classical Philology in 2017 and a BA in Ancient Greek and Latin in 2015, both from Humboldt University. Annette also holds a diploma in medical and nursing education with a focus on life sciences from Humboldt University of Berlin/Charité.

Project Abstract

Synchronicity of Disease and Therapeutic Action - Synchronizing the Patient's Body


The principle of striving for synchronization is already expressed in the first Hippocratic aphorism, which emphasizes the brevity of the right moment for medical action. The text sources to be researched in this project offer rich material. Synchronizing the body must be an act of trying to influence the development of the disease. There must be an effort to get in a state of being simultaneously. This Chronoi project focuses on further methodological changes in ancient medical texts and takes into consideration the development of currents and schools (haireseis) in ancient medicine. From which perspective is a disease perceived and how is it described and dealt with? This project researches how ancient physicians based their technē on the temporal rhythms of the human body and nature as a whole, how they continually endeavored to empirically evaluate the course of the disease and the effects of their treatments and to methodically bring them into the most favorable rhythm of the time.

Curriculum vitae


Ph.D. in Classics (2021), Humboldt University of Berlin

MA in Classical Philology (2017), Humboldt University of Berlin

BA in Ancient Greek and Latin (2015), Humboldt University of Berlin

Diploma in Medical and Nursing Education (1991-1996), Humboldt University of Berlin/Charité 

Fellowships and Positions


Research Fellow, SFB 980 Episteme in Bewegung / Der Transfer medizinischer Episteme in den ‚enzyklopädischen‘ Sammelwerken der Spätantike.


Doctoral Fellow, Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies / History of Ancient Science / Team Member of the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, Prof. Dr. van der Eijk, Department of Classics, Humboldt-University of Berlin.


Teacher for medical and nursing education in Berlin, Wannsee-Schule für Gesundheitsberufe e. V., teaching anatomy, physiology, pathology and medical terminology.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming. "Der Text De internis affectionibus als Zeugnis hippokratischer Medizin." In XVIIth Colloque Hippocratique (2021 in München). Das Corpus Hippocraticum – Einheit in der Vielfalt?, edited by M. Witt. Leiden: Brill.

In Press (2024). "Praktiken der Texttradition in spätantiken medizinischen Sammelwerken – Fallstudie Uroskopie." In Logbuch Wissensgeschichte, edited by A. Eusterschulte and A. J. Johnston. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz.

2022. Studien zu Hippokrates, De internis affectionibus. Dissertation. Berlin: Humboldt University of Berlin.

2019. "(Review) Steffi Grundmann (2019). Haut und Haar. Politische und soziale Bedeutungen des Körpers im klassischen Griechenland." Philippika. Altertumswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 133. Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz Verlag.

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